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Stacy's Testimony

"They spoke to my heart and the core of my being."
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Discovering MErcy has helped me to see all of me in a holistic way. Instead of seeing how my identity has been divided by the things that I have experienced, I am able to stand strong in knowing that all of me--every part of me--is loved by Jesus Christ.

I have been in and out of counseling or ministry services since I was 15-16 years old.

I've experienced many different counselors and Christian ministers with a wide variety of approaches (i.e.: SOZO, deliverance ministry, prayer ministry, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Narrative Therapy, etc.). However, the only people that have truly spoke to my heart and the core of my being have been the ministers at Discovering MErcy.

The types of ministry and counseling I have received in the past had only left me with more wounds that I had to sort through; not to mention that those counselors and ministers left me in a less trusting space with God and inability to understand His true intentions for my life. These ministers have the goods, so to speak!
They are truly worth anyone's time that has experienced severe trauma. They cherish each person's heart that comes into share their life story with them. I know, because I was not only referred by someone I know to see them, but I have also referred others to seek out their counsel as well- and we all continue to go back!

This in itself is a feat as the work that is done with these two women I referred is hard and painful-excruciatingly painful. But the ministers know how to break things down into simple concepts that are understandable and have never pushed me too far in my sessions. 

The ministers have not only always treated me like a whole person in front of them but consistently teach me to look at the client's heart- not their problems and how to "fix" them. They have something other Christian counselors and lay ministers don't have: an understanding of people and seeking their heart in ministry, an understanding of the human brain and how that impacts individual's surviving from serious trauma, and the beauty of Jesus and His love for those sitting in front of them.

In my current internship, I am a therapist that works with individual clients (children, adolescents, and adults), families, and I facilitate group therapy. Without them, I would not be able to know myself the way I do now. And without knowing myself and being sensitive to what I am experiencing internally, I would not be able to be the counselor that I am today.

I work with clients that have experienced many traumas themselves. Without working with them through my own trauma history, there is no way I could handle supporting clients in the capacity I currently am able to today. There are no other counselors I would recommend for people who have experienced severe trauma (childhood abuse, neglect, trafficking, Trauma Based Mind Control).

Before my ministry time with Discovering MErcy, I didn't know how to be able to mindfully think about what the real problem is. Although I can’t always identify what specific experience it is now that is triggering me to have a certain reaction to something in my environment, I am typically able to quickly identify the root cause(s): shame, attachment pain/ loss, or powerlessness. Most of the time, no matter what the situation is I can always lead it back to one of those three areas. And when I’m able to discover that it is one of those things, I am then able to have more empathy and compassion for myself. 

Discovering MErcy truly helps whoever is sitting in front of them to find their heart. They don’t have an agenda on how the clients time is spent and don’t have any obligations or expectations about how the client will or will not show up in their session.

Looking back on my healing, I can now see that life isn’t black or white and instead of thinking in these terms, Jesus truly looks at our hearts.

My concept of Jesus Christ has fundamentally shifted since before I met Discovering Mercy. God has become less of an asshole and more of a fighter for me; at least, that’s the basis of how my faith has changed. Because I am able to see my heart more clearly I am able to see God in a much clearer way as well. Jesus has been faithful to me in every step of my journey and I thank God every day for allowing me to have the opportunity to be ministered to by Fern & Audrey.



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