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September 2019 News

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The Most Common Question and Challenge of Understanding Discovering MErcy

By Fern, Executive Director

I have worked in the medical field in the past. There are various types of folks when it comes to human trauma. Those who turn away and don’t want to look, those who are so terrified of human trauma that they are intrigued with it, and the very few who know how to sit in the midst of it and bring help and healing. 

I’ve seen it for more than 20 years now doing this type of ministry. I’m frequently asked "What IS Discovering MErcy?" My answer begins with, “we counsel adult survivors of severe childhood trauma…” Then the reactions start…if we are talking in person, they back up, pull away, and quickly try to find an exit out of the conversation politely, sometimes not so politely. Frankly, people don’t want to hear it. Via text message I confided to a friend that I typically scare people off when talking about work because people label our focus as “intense."

My friend replied, “…the Lord has gifted you with the ability to minister to people that the general public just do not know how to identify with or can even mentally digest.”

In mid-August I listened to a Naked Bible Podcast with Dr. Michael Heiser and Frank Viola. They discussed the road to Emmaus and the disciples not recognizing the risen Jesus at first. Mr. Viola asked Dr. Heiser, “What caused their eyes to open?”

He continued, “Jesus reaches for the bread! Where are they eyes looking? To the bread…to the hands, the wrists…to the WOUNDS! IF you want to see Jesus, IF you want to recognize Jesus, look for the wounds! IF you want to hear the words of Jesus, then look for the wounds.”

Whether you are in the body of Christ, or for the non-believer, you should know Discovering MErcy is positioned within the wounds of Christ: the very part that make some look or shun away.

We offer love to those dehumanized or who are looked on by society at large as messy, strange or confusing. For survivors whose hearts are dedicated to Jesus but whose minds are tormented, Discovering MErcy offers relief. It’s not marketing or fundraising that we do; it’s relief of the saints – Body-of-Christ style! 

When we protect and acknowledge the wounds of survivors, when we offer relief of the saints…I promise you THAT IS LOVE. ♥

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