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Lindsay's Story

"I am finding a freedom I never thought possible"

I never felt I belonged before, until I met Fern and Audrey with Discovering MErcy

Until I went to Discovering MErcy, I had never known the feeling of belonging anywhere. I became a Christian over 20 years ago. When I read the verse that says "This is not my home," I just assumed that the verse must be explaining this feeling...but it wasn’t. I actually experienced the feeling of knowing that I belong for the first time in my life at Discovering MErcy. I never realized that that was just part of being human.

Because of my ministry time with Discovering MErcy I can now...use the tools they have given me to stay married and parenting. My counseling with Discovering MErcy is different because...they see and seek to know ALL of me.

Looking back on my journey I now see how the church picked up where my abusers left off. While I’m thankful that the intent of the church is not evil, like that of my abusers, it’s still abuse. And it still hurts. I am finding a freedom I never thought possible with Fern and Audrey.

I finally learned that I am NOT evil! My faith in God today is complicated. Sometimes nonexistent. I would tell anyone considering Discovering MErcy to just go. It’s worth the hard work to understand yourself.


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