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Jordan's Testimony

See how the Discovering ME: Foundational Courses granted Jordan the tools necessary to take a step back and take ownership of the relationships within his own life.
Finding inner strength like Jordan through Discovering MErcy.

Today we touch on the story of Jordan and how the Discovering ME: Foundational Courses granted him the tools to take a step back, self-reflect, and analyze the relationships within his own life. 

The beauty of the Discovering ME curriculum is not singular; it is not singular to a specific kind of person, a gender, any ethnicity, or any particular life path. The tools found within this course help survivors gain clarity to recognize the effects of relationships, both external and internal, that provoke dysfunction.

Within the curriculum, survivors find the strength to acknowledge the dysfunction and learn to have more direction over their outcomes. Through identification, commitment to wholeheartedly living is tangible and creates ripples of positive change. This curriculum was cultivated to connect with everyone and anyone looking to learn the language of their heart to use as a tool on their path towards living wholeheartedly.

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