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Michelle's Testimony

"God Offers Us The Opportunity To Thrive & Have An Abundance of Life"
“We are given an opportunity within our community to have a platform and influence and a voice where we never had before... we’ve seen the fruit of this shift within our community.” 

Michelle built a community of survivors around her as the Director of a pregnancy resource center through her fellow staff, clients, and even the volunteers she met. This class revealed the truth behind thriving off the opportunities granted from the relationships around here.

In her relationship with God before taking the Discovering MErcy Curriculum, Michelle recognized that reciting God's word didn't change her unhealthy responses. From the curriculum, Michelle learned how to change her response to embrace the power of God’s word in true form.

“And I find it more impactful,” Michelle mentioned in situations that were more difficult to navigate. Within her community, and with the crafted tools gathered from the Discovering ME courses, she learned and anticipated the responses and behaviors from her clients. Allowing her to evaluate different, more effective approaches to managing her relationships within her career. 

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