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Miguel's Testimony

"I was able to connect with deeply hidden emotions."

Start connecting with myself on my own

Discovering MErcy is a ministry that tries to walk out the gospel of Christ in the deepest, hardest places of the human heart to bring light and healing to brokenness.

I've appreciated receiving ministry at Discovering MErcy in many ways. I've personally felt the Holy Spirit open my eyes to Biblical truth in areas of personal weakness. This revelation has stood as a strong foundation block for growth the Lord brought me through since.

During a session with Discovering MErcy, I was able to connect with deeply hidden emotions. This enabled me to start connecting with myself on my own. It opened a whole world of new and healing views of how I live my life and what I can do to get out of my prison.

Being able to walk life without shearing my emotions away has enabled me to stay present with myself and others in relationship during hard times and good times.



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