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Discovering Mercy-Our Honor Code

Our Honor Code

Our intentions with anyone we engage in a counseling relationship with

What You Should Know About Us

As counselors helping courageous men and women who have suffered severe trauma, we want everyone we collaborate with to understand that:

We Will Not:

  • Try to "fix" you
  • Tell you what to do
  • Assume what is best for you
  • Act as if we know all the answers
  • Make the hard parts of understanding trauma magically "go away."

We Will:

  • Remind you that healing is possible and you are not broken 
  • Give the appropriate time and space to access your own wisdom inside
  • Support you in figuring out what to do 
  • Realize that we don't know it all
  • Partner with you on how to make the hard parts of understanding trauma easier to sit with

Read testimonies of those men and women who have taken the brave step to address their healing and confirm this honor code is alive and working at Discovering MErcy.

Meet Stacy & Experience Her Testimonial

"The secret to Discovering MErcy is that the two people sitting in front of you are humble, open, and transparent, and truly have the heart to help whoever’s sitting in front of them find their heart. They don’t have an agenda for the person sitting in front of them, they truly are just there to support the person through their own unique journey. This is a huge contrast to what people will get from the typical counselor that has gone through graduate-level training to provide psychotherapy for people. They typically have to assess for certain things, and diagnoses and think up specific treatment plans to help the client achieve their goals. However, at Discovering MErcy I know that finding my heart is the goal, not fixing me or trying to make me stop certain behaviors." 

Read more of Stacy's story.

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