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Nancy's Story

"God has given me great worth"

I can now accomplish tasks and not be so paralyzed and incapacitated


Looking back on my journey I now see there was a desire within us to live that I never thought was there. This has infused a greater sense of worth, more congruent to how Jesus sees me and has helped me to care more about myself. I never believed I had a desire to live. I understand now that I made decisions to protect my life and that death sentence I lived with is lifting.

I believed through much of my life, including as a child, that dying was preferable to living. Discovering Mercy helped me see that in dissociating as a child, I was choosing to protect my heart because it was worth protecting. God has given me great worth and I now know that I made choices that were in agreement with God's Love for me.

Because of my ministry time with Discovering MErcy I can now accomplish tasks and do things I desire to do and not be so paralyzed and incapacitated. This is new to my life and in it's infant stages but I expect I/we will continue to grow in this area.

My counseling time with Discovering MErcy is different because there's consistent compassion and freedom to speak up when I don't understand or agree. At least in part I believe their compassion comes from their understanding of the hatred spread about through our lives and it's effects, and that it's Jesus' desire to reveal His love and compassion that brings peace and allows for healing. Discovering Mercy also understands how my brain responded to the trauma and can teach me how to use that knowledge to help my alters and live with less dysfunction and more peace. The women of Discovering Mercy don't yell or get mad.. Last but not least, they're different because they really get how hard we've worked and offer the encouragement we need.

l understand to be compassionate to those parts within me, even the ones whose language may be strict or harsh, because they're acting the way they were taught and played an important part in keeping us alive. When I extend kindness to these alters instead of being harsh on them or believing them to be demons, I sense relief and gladness from them.

I would describe my faith in God as in the process of understanding that He is SAFE and that His constant presence with us consists of deep love, care, concern and commitment to bringing daily peace and helping us to know who we truly are, as He created us to be, and enabling us to live instead of just exist. We know this is possible because of what Jesus did for us on the cross. Nothing can keep us from His Love.

I would tell someone considering Discovering MErcy for ministry to not be afraid, but if they are afraid, talk to Discovering Mercy about your feelings. They will respect them and not be upset with you. They have a clearer picture of how the abuse has affected your mind and emotions and a better, non threatening, loving way to help you understand who you truly are and who God truly is.

You are SAFE.


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