Daniel's Story

"I Didn't Even Know I Wasn't Living Before, Merely Existing"

Living More Fully

Looking back on my journey I now see...how non-functional I was, how the past trauma took all my resources. I would describe my faith in God as wavering but I would you tell anyone considering Discovering MErcy that it is so worth it... Try to find the resources. I know that's hard, but don't give up.

One thing that I learned from Discovering MErcy that stood out to me is to look for the underlying reasons, not just what's manifesting. And to not assign blame or shame right away, but to look at why things are there.

Because of my ministry time with Discovering MErcy I can now...live life more fully..... when I didn't even know I wasn't living life before, but merely existing.

Ministry with Fern and Audrey is different because of its personal touch. Two people journeying with the survivor, being personally invested, taking an interest, being gracious and loving. Without Discovering MErcy, I would not where I am today. I am loving life. Good things are happening continuously. We're getting there. THANK YOU!


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