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Discovering MErcy-Lawrence and Jill's Testimony_Man and Woman Holding Hands

Laurence and Jill's Testimony

"A safe place for survivors and those who love them."

journey to healing and wholeness

Our arrival at Dr. Xavier’s School for the Gifted (what I fondly call the office of Fern and Audrey) set the tone for our entire stay. Fern and Audrey greeted my wife and I with warm hugs and great hospitality. From the first moment, we felt welcomed and loved. Fern and Audrey have created a safe place for survivors of SRA and TBMC to begin to heal and discover their gifts.

These wonderful women are truly on the front line, seeking to advance God’s rule and reign by beginning the process of helping move His precious children into the glorious future He has in store for them. Through the generosity of the MIQLAT community and the Go Fund Me campaign, my wife and I have begun the journey to healing and wholeness! Thank you, everyone, who has contributed to Fern and Audrey’s work! My wife and I are so humbled and grateful.



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