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Leslie's Testimony

"There’s nothing you can say that will make them feel shocked or make you feel rejected."

Nothing Will Shock Fern & Audrey

My time with Discovering Mercy has been a very healing time. I love the home/space available for us, it feels warm and inviting and I feel a sense of peace when I’m there. Fern & Audrey are compassionate, nurturing and loving.

There’s nothing you can say that will make them feel shocked or make you feel rejected. I think one form of being retraumatized is not being believed or seeing a therapist’s shocked look of horror and you get none of that with these incredible women. They are just going to love you and help you heal.

Fern & Audrey are very knowledgeable and can help you parse out and make sense of things, which no one else could ever do for me. I really have no one else I can share with like them. Feeling safe is something I’ve lacked my whole life. When I’m with the ministers, I’m not afraid. I feel I have the strength to make it through. 

I would want others to know that in this genre it’s hard to find help, even with licensed therapists and psychologists. They have years of experience and are most knowledgeable. They’ve tried things that don’t work and really understand some of the pitfalls for people who have been harmed and don’t know how to trust anymore.

They’ve worked hard to find effective ways to help people heal and I believe they are blessed with unique gifts from God, to make a difference for GOOD in this area of evil practices designed to steal, rob and destroy.



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