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Curriculum Development

Taking Our Approach and Inviting the World to Help Carry Out Our Mission

Begin Your Journey To Living Wholeheartedly

Self-paced classes are open for registration starting now on a first-come, first-serve basis.

We all have the capacity to heal once we have the tools to understand ourselves better. If you are interested in developing your skills to remain resilient, deepen your understanding of yourself and learn how to live wholeheartedly, you won't want to miss registering for our first course, Discovering ME: Foundational Counseling Course. For access to our webinar, email us. Or check out our recent interview on the Naked Bible Podcast!

As a Student of our curriculum, you'll gain valuable therapeutic skills and master practical tools to understand the language of your heart AND get exclusive introductory pricing for our continuing courses as they are unveiled.

This curriculum found within these courses have been accredited by NCASPPB.


Q. What will this class help me accomplish?

A. Anyone wanting to deepen their understanding of themselves for their own personal growth and learn how to live wholeheartedly. That includes evaluating where you are on your journey of life, exploring emotions, learning the dynamics of being human, understanding humans and God, and how attachment, shame, and powerlessness work, among much more!

Q. Will this be a traditional class with exams and papers?

A. This course does not use exams, based on the principle that we learn best when we have collaborative experiences. Success in the course is achieved by completion of course material and (most importantly) self-assessment and self-evaluation of how you live wholeheartedly.

Q. How is the online class structured?

In addition to 61 lessons from 12 modules, you will have weekly meet-up sessions with other students and one monthly call with us. As in all academic environments, the more effort and engagement by the student the more enriching and enjoyable the experience. We’re asking you to throw yourself into this opportunity with your whole being! 

Q. How long does the class take?

A. It's entirely up to you. The self-paced course comes with one year of access and includes a weekly small group to discuss course insights and activities and a monthly group session with us that includes deeper knowledge, role-playing scenarios and anecdotes learned over our 20 years in counseling. 

Q. How do the weekly small groups and monthly sessions work? What if I have a commitment and can't make a session?
A. Each student will be assigned a group at the outset of the course. Groups will decide on a meeting time each week and will be instructed on how to use the Zoom platform for interaction. The weekly session is not the time for personal emotional processing, it's time to discuss your personal reflection topic will be given for each lesson, so your weekly group time will be your chance to connect and discuss topics from the lessons you have completed that week.

The monthly sessions with us, on each 2nd Wednesday of the month, will be an hour-long and will dive deeper into the topics you have covered in the course. If you miss a monthly meeting, it will be recorded and you can watch it at your leisure.

Q. Do you have any seats for groups?

A. This course can be used as a journey for your small group activity or team-building exercise to strengthen personal development. This course will also empower non-profit or outreach teams to understand themselves and anyone experiencing trauma more effectively. 

If you have a family, non-profit, or church you think would be interested in obtaining introductory group licensing for 5 or more students, talk with us we can help you. The March class and April class are still open for groups. 


Click here if you have any course questions!.


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