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Discovering MErcy Overview
Discovering MErcy Overview-Sunset at Pier

Trauma can significantly impact an individual’s quality of life, interpersonal relationships, occupational functioning, and overall wellness. Someone may have intense emotional pain and suffering, not realizing it stems from significant past trauma. Recurrent relational ruptures may stem from historical relational trauma. Without some form of intervention or treatment--the effects of trauma can bring devastating emotional and physical consequences, and even be life-threatening. 

Discovering MErcy is dedicated to providing Christian counseling and education to survivors of developmental trauma. This includes physical, sexual, mental and emotional abuse. 

Christian counseling for trauma survivors include teaching and training, life skills coaching, and intensive counseling sessions, which allow for uninterrupted time to work through trauma and begin the healing process. While Discovering MErcy uses session time to work through trauma, as an organization it is not equipped to perform the duties a loved one or support person would, such as being "on call" when a person encounters difficulty or problems arise. It is paramount someone seeking counseling has their own support person, which greatly increases overall healing.

The Discovering MErcy Home is located outside of Philadelphia for intensive restorative counseling sessions open to a survivor and their support person or team. This may include a spouse, partner, sibling, Pastor, counselor or friend. The home serves as a peaceful, loving environment with evenings to rest, reflect, or explore the beautiful area.


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