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Dina's Story

"Truly a safe haven for survivors"

My Journey Is Just Starting

Because of my ministry time with Discovering MErcy I can now grasp critical events that occurred in my life at a young age by being given a clear, empirical roadmap. My counseling time with Discovering MErcy is different because it combines faith-based, scriptural information and steps, combined with proven psychological studies.

Looking back on my journey I now see my journey is just starting. But, I've being given much needed context for my memories and work with trauma. Not on the least, fellowship and ministry.

One thing that I learned from Discovering MErcy that stood out to me there is no issue with their devotion to Christ while applying scholarly scientific and psychological findings. For someone considering Discovering MErcy for counseling, I would say that you will not have to worry about being met right where you are at in life. No matter who you are. There is no pre-judgement. 

For me, Discovering MErcy is truly a safe haven for survivors of a unique, specialized and terrifying events.


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