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Sue & Bill's Story

"I've become more empathetic to my wife"

How has Discovering MErcy made you see yourself differently?

Bill: Discovering Mercy has helped me to become more empathetic towards others, but especially my wife. I used to think I understood when people were having problems, but I didn’t. Today, with Fern and Audrey's help I’m getting better at it.

Sue: I see myself as a person who is finally learning what my emotions and feelings are. Somewhat like a kid… I’m having to learn it for the first time.

Because of my ministry time with Discovering MErcy, I can now….

Bill: I have better, more constructive communication with my wife. Before we were often talking past one another. Today, I feel like we have both learned to slow down and truly listen to each other, and back up if we need to. I feel like I can love my wife and demonstrate that in my communication better than I ever have.

Sue: I can now have hope for new beginnings and progress in getting in touch with myself. I have a wider ability to relate to people and myself.

What’s different about ministry with Discovering MErcy versus other places I tried is….

Bill: Discovering Mercy accounts for trauma and emotional neglect in one’s life and the effect that has on one’s ability to love and be loved. Taking a nouthetic approach, as we have many times, doesn’t account for these things and merely sees one’s action as a result of sin. The nouthetic approach is condemning for someone who is already dealing with shame and guilt that resulted from trauma or neglect. It doesn’t show the grace that our Lord takes pleasure in freely giving. Fern and Audrey demonstrate how grace is given in these circumstances.

Sue: The difference is the heart-felt depth of understanding. Discovering MErcy gets right at the core of being human.

Looking back on my healing, I can now see…..

Bill: I can see that I fell short of what I’m supposed to be, but that I can lovingly be brought to where I need to be in regard to my relationships. Primarily to my Lord and then outward to my family and loved ones.

Sue: I had a lot of fear that was the command center of my life. I didn’t have an understanding of how to connect to my emotions. I could only do it through anger and isolation.

What the world should know about Discovering MErcy is….

Bill: Discovering Mercy is a place where you can find true biblical love, grace, compassion and a wonderful place to heal.

Sue: DME’s recognizing that our brains, hearts, and souls carry messages and they have the ability to bring those out.

I would describe my faith in God as….

Bill: New and improved. Through the ministry of Discovering Mercy I have seen the love of God like I have never before in my life. I have seen the body of Christ act in powerful ways to bring healing to my relationship with my wife. I have also seen my wife grow in her own faith. All of this drives me to having a stronger faith… a better relationship with my Lord.

Sue: Real and alive. It is a part of my everyday. I know that the process of life works out because that’s how He has designed it.

Bill: Before Discovering Mercy I was blind to what it meant to be loving and merciful. Today I feel like I have a better understanding of how to do and be that.

Sue: Before I thought that childhood memories were childish and now I see that I can benefit from them and use them to grow to be a better adult and parent.



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