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Fearless Love Scholarship Fund

Fearless Love Scholarship Program Helps Those Needing Financial Assistance for Counseling

Fearless Love Scholarship Fund

Discovering MErcy-Fearless Love Scholarship Program

Donating to the Fearless Love Scholarship Program is the most personal, effective way to fight the effects of trauma in adult survivors. Your donation to the Fearless Love Scholarship program joins forces with other sponsors to lift survivors out of emotional, spiritual, and social oppression. Everything we do has one purpose – to help sustain the well-being of trauma survivors. Your support helps pursue the physical, emotional, spiritual, and social well-being of vulnerable survivors.

What is the Fearless Love Scholarship Fund? 

Currently, we have a waiting list of men and women trauma survivors who are in dire need of counseling.

Your monthly gift helps bring hope to survivors and their communities. Donate monthly and help survivors break free from devastating relational ruptures and reoccurring emotional and physical consequences. Your gift will ensure the love and mercy of God is shown to survivors by providing aid and assistance with the Christian goal of restoration with God, self, and others.

When you donate to Fearless Love Scholarship Fund, your donation is pooled with other sponsors for maximum impact to fund programs that benefit your survivor and their community.

What does the Fearless Love Scholarship Program provide?

  • Hourly Sessions to address Survivor Needs
  • Week-long intensive at Ministry Home to address Survivor Needs
  • Regular touch-base sessions of their progress and well-being by Discovering MErcy

The Fearless Love Scholarship Program focuses on improving the emotional, spiritual, and social well-being of the most vulnerable survivors. To learn about the type of hearts we have helped in the past, read their testimonies.

How You Can Donate:

Thank you for Donating to the Fearless Love Scholarship Program!


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