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Audrey and I have watched the emotion of shame be a captor to survivors. Shame and its felt captivity is common to all mankind. To be human is to feel shame.

During the past seven years, we have counseled hundreds of survivors held captive by shame. We have found the tools explained in this video are keys to shattering shame's overwhelming captivity.  Folks who understand these tools are able to walk out of captivity into freedom.

NOTE: This talk was recorded during a Sunday Morning church service. In the talk, I use the term  "inner critic.” Discovering Mercy believes this inner voice is a strong protector of the heart.  It is not to be viewed pejoratively but rather as a language to help understand the heart’s desire for connection to another.  


Journey Out Of Fear and Into Love By Fern

Our good friend, Pastor Brook Selby of Mountain View Church in White Haven, PA invited Discovering MErcy to be a guest speaker at his church in February of this year. 


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Additional lectures are being edited at this time, check back soon for more Fern speaking engagements.

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