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Michael's Testimony

"Discovering MErcy helped me experience warmer, more intimate conversations within my life"

Michael embraced his findings obtained in the Discovering ME: Foundational Course and watch the relationship with his life flourish. 

With the help of the Discovering MErcy courses, Michael learned how to detect the emotional range in conversations within his life. 

The relationship with his wife blossomed when he noticed trends within their more complex conversations. Michael now connects with his wife in whichever form is presented in front of him and has learned to adapt to have a more productive conversation. “I’ve learned from Discovering MErcy that it’s important to be attuned to where the person is,” when conversing. 

The value of this curriculum is life-altering; the testimony from his wife on the positive growth within our relationship encouraged my colleagues to immediately invest in this curriculum to improve the communications within their own lives as well.

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