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Rehumanizing the Dehumanized

How Our Experience Makes an Impact
Discovering MErcy-Our Impact-Cliff Overlooking Ocean

We have a 20-year track record of making a real-life difference for our clients and their loved ones. This is not only our mission, but also our vision to see every captive set free.  When you have a counseling session or book a longer intensive week, you will receive individualized care from counselors who have an impeccable record of helping assess and counsel in a highly confidential manner, with an emphasis on what it is to be human and have emotions. Whether you participate in a video conference call or receive counseling at The Discovering MErcy Home, you will find a secure, tranquil setting to receive your individualized care. 

We take a holistic look at the problems you are suffering through and apply decades of brain research and learned lessons using the Holy Spirit as our guide. We realize healing is not a linear event--healing is a process that takes time, and we will journey with you through new stages as you begin to image yourself through God's eyes. Ultimately, we want each client to take a healthy active role in their healing and we want to help assist restoration with God, yourself and others.

Some journeys are short; others have been decades or nearly life long. We are here to help you in your journey--wherever your starting point is.

Read testimonies to support our impact or a letter of recommendation for Discovering MErcy.

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