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Frequently Asked Questions

No Question is Too Complicated to Ask
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Have you ever had a question and didn’t know where to find the answer? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

This section is a compilation of answers to the questions most commonly asked by our community at large. Just start by following one of the links below. If you can’t find the question you wanted to ask, don’t hesitate to send us an email on the Contact Us page.

  1. What do I do if I am in a crisis and feel suicidal?

    We recommend anyone feeling suicidal to receive help right where they are located because the need for intense 24/7 care is something we are not equipped to provide. The National Suicide Prevention Hotline is 1-800-273-8255. The Lifeline provides 24/7, free and confidential support for people in distress. This is a prevention and crisis resource for you or your loved ones :

    Discovering MErcy can play more of a role once an individual has been assessed, treated and released and out of the hospital for after care.

  2. Are you a deliverance ministry or do you work with any?

    In Christianity, deliverance ministry refers to the activity of cleansing a person of demons and evil spirits to address the manifiestation of entities' presence and oppression.

    We do NOT follow a deliverance ministry model.

    We seek to journey alongside a person who has experienced trauma, helping to restore them into relationship with themselves, God, and others. We have seen many clients retraumatized due to well-intentioned deliverance ministries.

    First and foremost we will not do harm to anyone we work with by exposing them to a similar environment they are trying to leave, one of traumatization, directives and fear.

    We have a gentle, loving, merciful approach no matter what other organizations or people have labeled clients. An individual who has experienced abuse and trauma built a system around their heart in order to survive. While we do not deny there is a spiritual aspect to protect, we do not go to the spiritual world to bring resolution to something that a person built within themselves. We seek to work from the inside, with the heart.

  3. What is Trauma Based Mind Control?

    Trauma Based Mind Control (TBMC) is repetitive trauma a person endures that causes him or her to be submissive to another in thoughts, will and choices.

  4. The following are mind control programming methods commonly utilized against children or adults:

    -sensory/sleep/food deprivation
    -sensory overload
    -shaming, humiliation and belittlement
    -theatrics, trickery, illusion, lies and coercion
    -physical, emotional, verbal, sexual and spiritual abuse
    -forced actions against self/animals/others
    -double-bind situations
    -systematic behavior modification and hypnosis techniques
    -drugs, lights, sounds, smells, special effects, films, hidden cameras and microphones
    -elaborately-designed role-play "characterizations" based on nursery rhymes, fairy tales, stories, books, movies and music
    -guns, electro-shock, whips
    -shackles, chains and cages

    The more extreme "techniques" on this list (sleep deprivation, electro-shock, mind-altering drugs) are among those utilized by McGill University's Ewen Cameron, a Canadian psychiatrist who worked with the CIA in the MK-Ultra Project during the 1950s. The CIA was later (successfully) sued in Canadian court by several of Cameron's "patients" in 1997. This "research" has been perpetuated by a generation of graduate students who studied under Cameron and other psychologists and psychiatrists in the employ of the CIA and other agencies during the Cold War, a period of sustained government interest in brainwashing and mind control.

    Some survivors know they live out of other parts inside but many do not. Some survivors can "switch" to other parts at will; others are passively triggered and have little control over alters. Fragmented parts of a person can look different (via facial expression, for example), sound different, and act differently than each other. They also can hold different beliefs.

    A "spectrum of dissociative effects" and "faces of trauma" can be misdiagnosed, including:
    -Eating disorders
    -Violent behavior
    -Excessive mood swings; bi-polar disorders
    -Attachment disorders
    -Certain autism spectrum disorders
    -Obsessive-compulsive disorders

    We have compiled a list of characteristics of people who have suffered Ritual Abuse and Trauma Based Mind Control without knowing it:
    -They have an inexplicable feeling that their own family is dangerous, that they don't feel safe with parents or siblings.
    -They feel guilty all the time but don't know why.
    -They have a sense of self-loathing and that they deserve to hate themselves.
    -They have a sense that God can't forgive them and doesn't love them, no matter what the Bible says.
    -They feel detached from normal family relationships—with their spouse, children, parents, or siblings. Women in particular fear sex or find it traumatizing.
    -They fear their problems are too complex to be solved.
    -They feel attacked by the quotation of Scripture which ought to ordinarily comfort them.
    -They interpret all of the above as "spiritual attack" by the enemy (Satan or demons).

    We have more than 20 years of experience helping people navigate the journey of healing from Trauma Based Mind Control/Satantic Ritual Abuse. If we can help you, please go to "Getting Started" section of the Web site for more information.

  5. Can you help with Trauma Based Mind Control or Satanic Ritual Abuse?

    Yes, we are highly skilled to work with survivors of Trauma Based Mind Control (TBMC) and Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA). In fact, we are known best for our work in these areas.
    TBMC is purposeful perpetrated use of trauma on an individual so that an individual no longer uses their will to make decisions.

    We have more than 20 years of experience helping people navigate the journey of healing from TBMC/SRA. If we can help you, please go to "Getting Started" for more information.

  6. Family members and loved ones of trauma survivors often say that Discovering MERcy provided the only ray of hope during the time they were feeling most isolated, confused, and alone. So yes, we handle a variety of specialized and complex trauma. We do ask that the person seeking help to be present.

    Our demand to keep up with new clients has prompted us to launch a new series of curriculums to network with others and spread the mission and vision of Discovering Mercy to other community groups, faith-based agencies and non-profits. Our launch target goal is 2019, and will be a tool for loved ones to educate themselves, understand trauma, and interact appropriately.

  7. We often see clients that have been told they have demons, and/or report that churches won't work with them. We are not afraid of people with "messy" situations or history, and we know most of these people have not only suffered trauma and abuse, but then the sources they have sought to help from have actually reinforced the trauma and added more damage.

    Clients who have gotten nowhere in other well-intentioned counseling situations, prayer ministries or church have found relief, mercy and peace working with us. We do not follow a deliverance ministry model, we seek to journey alongside an individual who has experienced trauma, while helping to restore their relationship with themselves, God, and others.

    Items we can address include helping individuals:
    -Understand the mind/body/heart's processing of trauma and why problems can seem cyclical
    -Identify triggers
    -Improve interpersonal communication and connection strengthening valued relationships
    -Increase self-independence and self-reliance through education and experiential activities

    Together, we can help people begin to see themselves and the parts of themselves as imagers of God and later in the therapeutic journey, we can help address developing new coping skills to effectively process emotions, stress, or loss.

  8. We are in the process of developing curriculums that will teach community groups, churches, and faith-based organizations how to work with people who have suffered severe trauma. We also will be offering online mentoring forums in the future for support people to ask questions and receive answers from Fern and Audrey, our counselors. If you are interested in communication regarding curriculum please sign up for our email newsletter or send us a note on the "Contact Us" page.

  9. We would love to work with every single person who reaches out to us who needs help but does not have funds.

    Currently, we have a waiting list of people seeking help with strategic fundraising plans to develop a scholarship-based program where funds are matched with what an individual can spend. We launched the "Adopt a Heart" Fearless Love Scholarship that will pool funds to allow those without financial stability to apply for a scholarship.

    Because we have to function like any other non-profit, we are not able to minister with those who do not have funds right now. However, we do pray this Web site can continue to serve as a resource to learn, grow and hope again and that our Adopt a Heart Program can help those who need financial assistance. For more information, go to the "Contact Us" page.

  10. Who can you recommend in my area?

    Unfortunately, we are not equipped to make those judgement calls, however, we are designing curriculums that will enable a church, community center, or other faith-based group to understand and learn how to minister to an individual with complex trauma. Our target goal to release the curriculums is 2019. Once launched with training deployed, we may find trainees that we can recommend for others to access in their area.

  11. What time zone are you in?

    We operate our business out of Eastern Standard Time, United States. Check out this converter application below to find out the time zone difference to where you are.

  12. No, as Christian lay counselors we are not licensed counselors, therefore our organization does not utilize insurance.

  13. We are approximately an 80 mile drive from Philadelphia in a small town. The town is considered safe and is where we operate the five-bedroom DIscovering MErcy home for both hourly sessions and intensive week-long counseling sessions. International or national visits typically fly into Philadelphia International Airpot (PHL), where they rent a car and drive to the Discovering MErcy home.

    We know not everyone is available to travel so we also offer counseling sessions via a video program's videoconferencing tool. Longer and more intensive work typically produces the best results when face to face.

  14. Do you see international clients?

    Yes, we have ministered to people all across the United States, South America, Canada, Mexico, Great Britain, Europe, Africa, New Zealand and Australia.

  15. No. In our experience, it is really important for a survivor to see and interact with us face to face to assist in relationship building and answering questions. We see the best results from this type of interaction, and it is our desire for every survivor to receive the maximum benefit from every session.

    We can use FaceTime for iPhone users as long as their iPhone has the current software of 12.1 or 12.1.2 or higher.

  16. Please see the "Getting Started" section of our Web site for our fee schedule. This application below will allow you to exchange international currency to understand U.S. pricing. For international currency conversion to the U.S. Dollar, please see the following web site:

  17. Yes, we understand pets can be part of the healing process and we accept service animals. Emotional support animals may stay for a $30 fee to enjoy the home with you.

  18. We have a responsibility to our community and our donors therefore we work hard to ensure the long-term sustainability of the organization. Right now funds are being used towards our Fearless Love Scholarship Fund (financial aid for those who are in crisis) and Operational Funds to keep the doors of the organization open and keep the ministry functional.

    Our IRS Form 990 is available for review, as required by law.

  19. What is your organization's privacy policy?

    Our organization takes our privacy policy seriously and takes steps to protect and ensure the safety of our clients and supporters. We do not sell or otherwise disclose information about anyone outside of our immediate organization. This policy has no exceptions. We do not sell or exchange your information with any other organizations, public, private or nonprofit.

Read about what we do, common audiences we serve, the effects of trauma, how we treat trauma and more about The Discovering MErcy Home.

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