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Gain the tools necessary to live wholeheartedly.


Are YOU or someone you know ready to:

  • Take hold of your past
  • Break the cycle of suffering
  • Gain Confidence for a more hopeful future? 

We offer the DiscoveringME Foundational Counseling Course to those who have been through trauma or want to support someone who has been through trauma. In the first year of  offering Discovering ME Foundational Counseling Course, students included licensed mental health professionals, educators, Executive Directors of nonprofits, laborers, and homemakers. The  curriculum is personal, growth-related, and designed for anybody desiring to understand how to live  wholeheartedly. It will teach you how to understand the language of your own heart and your reactions to unprocessed emotions in life. It is a self-paced course with 61 lessons from 12  modules. We believe survivors receive an added benefit to ministry times in sessions by working through DiscoveringME: Foundational Counseling Curriculum.

  • Learn and experience the tools to evaluate where you are on your journey of personal growth in life.
  • Exploring emotions
  • Learning the dynamics of being human
  • Understanding Humans and God
  • And how Attachment, Shame, and Powerlessness are the basis of living in fear.

April Course 

Enrollment begins: February 1, 2024
The April Course will begin on April 8, 2024

Courses include:

  • A monthly group with a Discovering MErcy Facilitator on the 2nd Wednesday of each month.
  • Students will collectively decide on weekly meetings.
  • Each cohort group is limited to 36 students.
  • Course cost is $1,599 and can be paid in full or in four consecutive installments of $415 each. 

** We have found that people who use the Open Learning app on their phones have the most problems trying to access the course and complete lessons. We recommend the use of a laptop or desktop computer with a Chrome browser to have the most success accessing the course. 

Discovering MErcy

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