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Norah's Testimony

"The biggest impact for me has been the experience of mercy."

I Saw For the First Time What Mercy Looked Like

When I first came to Discovering MErcy, my mind was in chaos and I felt surrounded by darkness. At the time I would not have explained it that way, but looking back I see it now. Every hurt and traumatized part of my mind (soul) came forward one part-one trauma at a time and when that pain saw love and compassion for the first time and was able to feel safe, God healed that part in me. As I walked this out--this process, week after week, month after month, year after year (because there was so much trauma) I could feel the balance in me shift.

I could feel less chaos and I could see in me light, God's love. He used Fern and Audrey to help transform my heart and mind--once filled with chaos and darkness and now filled with love and light. They helped me to believe about myself what God says is true.

The scriptures had humanity, the scriptures had faces, arms, loving words, and I saw for the first time what mercy looks like. I was so  broken and damaged but God's mercy has mended and restored me. This was always hard work and it was always painful but Fern and Audrey helped me to stay in the fight. The fight to get my mind back--after all, this was God's plan all along. Victory was always mine to have. He built courage in me through this process. And so much more. Discovering MErcy's mission as I see it is to restore the lost, broken and hurting back to the Kingdom so we can all take our place with Christ here as we wait for him.

The biggest impact for me has been the experience of mercy. Seeing my heart transformed right before my eyes. This is the work of a very loving God.



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