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Believing Matters

Discovering Mercy-Believing Matters-Field of Wildflowers
Statement of Faith

What we Believe

Our statement of faith is quite simple: It is our faith in Jesus Christ, the work of the cross as defined in The Holy Bible, the leading of the Holy Spirit in counseling sessions as well as direction for the non-profit with a strong emphasis on a solid base of sound biblical theology. Discovering MErcy is a Christian organization whose doctrinal commitment follows the Apostles’ Creed--however--we want to make it clear, we in no way proselytize our beliefs onto those we counsel. 

While we are a faith-based organization having served hundreds of trauma survivors, we are very much aware of the spiritual and church abuse that exists where churches, religious authorities or leadership misuse their power to harm others. We also help those who have unknowingly been retraumatized by well-intentioned Christian deliverance ministries.

We believe the complexity of trauma and the adaptive nature of the human mind to survive under duress can create a lifestyle built around fear. Counseling to trauma survivors is a relational process that includes addressing dissociation, attachment fears, developmental trauma, as well as addressing spiritual captivity. In a relational context, we extend unconditional love to the most vulnerable, sharing the true gospel of mercy rather than laws, shame, and directives.

We value continuing education, which includes, but is not limited to, the study of scripture and theology, current understanding of developmental trauma and its effects during a person’s lifetime. We are passionate about counseling survivors as our mission is to help the hurting and discarded and empower the body of Christ to help survivors of trauma.

To find out about our counselors at Discovering MErcy, read more about Fern & Audrey.

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