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Meet Our Board of Directors

Leaders Who Stand With Discovering MErcy

Our board represents a cross-section of our community and has a passion for our organization and those we serve. The members work hard to ensure long-term sustainability of the organization and oversee that the funds raised directly affect those in need.

Donna Andrews

Donna works for a medical malpractice insurance company as the liaison between the physician board of directors and the company’s leadership. She has also served for the past 5 years as the Executive Director of the company’s non-profit foundation. Donna holds a license in both property & casualty and life, accident, & health insurance.

Donna was introduced to Discovering MErcy in 2016, when she joined her husband for a weekend meeting at the Discovering MErcy home with a group of supporters for Dr. Michael Heiser’s non-profit, Miqlat. She has since grown close to Fern and Audrey both personally and professionally and feels blessed to walk alongside them in helping to set captives free through God’s grace.

Donna is married to Tim, who has served in full-time ministry since 1998, with a focus on working with the homeless, addicts, and downcast in the city of Atlanta. Tim also serves as a voice to those seeking information on churches who meet in homes and was featured on one of Dr. Heiser’s podcasts. They are the parents of two sons, Adam, who went to be with the Lord in 2001, and Ryan, who is married to the daughter they always dreamed of and has blessed them with a grandson and granddaughter.

Donna enjoys traveling with her husband, and daily walks, runs or bike rides around the parks of Atlanta, where they reside. She also enjoys spending time with family…especially those grands!

Jeremy Fort, Board Member, Discovering MErcy

Jeremy Fort

Jeremy is a bi-vocational pastor who has held senior-level positions within operations, IT, and program management for the last 20 years. As Pastor of Valley Christian Church in Southern Idaho, he blends a technical background with a creative one delivering sermons, overseeing music production, and developing discipleship among his congregation. As a board member, he brings operational and non-profit experience to help grow Discovering MErcy enabling the organization to help set every captive free.

In addition to business development, his technology engineering has led to building multimillion-dollar portfolios in both the commercial and federal sectors. His core competency is solution design and delivery. His expertise is aided by years of hands-on experience at the technical level with servers, operating systems, networking, storage, and applications. He regularly works with corporations such as Bearing Point, Dell, Deloitte, Merrill Lynch, Suntron, The National Guard, and the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. 

Jeremy enjoys a good philosophical conversation on the golf course when he isn’t tinkering away at a new technology advance or studying Hebrew. He's a big fan of Dr. Michael Heiser's work, where he first learned about Discovering MErcy, and also The Bible Project, which he often incorporates in his sermons.

Mark Shoemaker,Board Member, Discovering MErcy

Mark Shoemaker

Mark is a self-employed consultant with more than 14 years of business experience in logistics and operations. Prior to being self-employed, he worked as a chief operations officer and owned and operated his own ranch. Mark graduated from Delaware Valley College with a degree in Large Animal Husbandry. He is married to his college sweetheart for over 30 years now and is father to two beautiful daughters and blessed with three grandchildren so far. 

His first introduction to Discovering MErcy was nearly a decade ago when he was searching for someone to help his wife who had been a victim of over a decade of childhood sexual abuse. That was the beginning of a long journey of healing. Not only has his wife experienced a great level of healing; Mark has developed a love and compassion for those who have suffered severe trauma as he has seen firsthand how devastating it can be to the survivor and those around them. He is able to speak intelligently to those who have suffered trauma and to those who support them.

Mark most enjoys spending time with his grandchildren. He loves going to the gym, hiking with his wife, and traveling and experiencing new places. His latest adventures include the Grand Canyon, Zion National Park & Bryce Canyon. 

Annerose Lederman

Annerose came across the work of Discovering Mercy on an episode of Dr. Michael Heiser’s The Naked Bible podcast, which featured Fern and Audrey. She was immediately drawn to their heart for survivors and saw a huge void in the church for the type of ministry they provide. She felt the Lord encouraging her to be a part of this mission, in some way, and thus decided to enroll in Discovering Mercy’s Foundational Counseling curriculum course. That transformational experience only furthered her passion to see through and aid the Church for better equipped to journey alongside trauma survivors, compassionately care for our neighbors, experience the power of wholehearted living, and effectively build Kingdom!  

Annerose is married to her husband Joel of 15 years and together they have four beautiful daughters, ages 10 to 3. Before deciding to stay home full-time, Annerose spent 11 years working as a nurse, most recently with the tiniest of Image-Bearers in a level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. She is a passionate life-long learner and has appreciated the growth opportunities this season of life has provided!

Annerose is an avid nature-lover and spends as many hours outdoors as possible! Besides time spent with family, her favorite activities include puzzles, growing cut flowers for her small side-hobby/business, Fresh Stems Flower Co., long-distance rollerblading, and listening to a steady stream of podcasts, sermons, and audiobooks! 

Will Hunter

Will, a licensed engineer, has operated his own residential forensic and structural engineering consulting firm since 2004 and has worked with homebuilders, contractors, and homeowners in the construction of new homes, the renovation and remodeling of older homes, and assessing and repairing distressed structures. Will is married to Beth, and their family consists of two teenage boys.

Will and Beth met to Discovering MErcy through the Audrey and Fern interviews on Micheal Heiser’s podcast, The Naked Bible. Both Will and Beth jumped at the opportunity to become trained individuals through Discovering MErcy to help victims of trauma and enrolled immediately in the classes offered. 

With the experience in structural assessment, construction planning, management, general maintenance, and repair support for small churches and camps, Will blended his passion for construction development and renovation during the winter of 2021 with his calling to help victims of trauma by providing regular maintenance and repair for the Discovering MErcy Ministry Home. 

Will enjoys spending time in the Word; working on the family cabin in the mountains of Colorado; camping, hunting, and fishing with his boys; and having a long discussion about life and the things of God with Beth.

Roni Dally

I have the heart to see people free! For as long as I can remember, even as a girl, my heart ached for anyone who found themself in a bad situation and powerless to get out. My dreams were always about how to help them escape!

For years my husband and I made the best home we could for children who had been abandoned or abused. Our hearts broke not only for the children, but for their parents who more often than not had been abused or abandoned themselves, and had never experienced kindness or love.

Through the ministry of Discovery MErcy I found there are ways to truly help those trapped in trauma, and in so doing also break the generational “curse” that often gets passed down. I am beyond excited to be a part of this crucial ministry and to see my childhood dreams of seeing captives free come true!

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