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Letter of Recommendation

"Adherence to the centrality of Biblical truth and the person of Jesus"

I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Fern and Audrey of Discovering MErcy. I have been privileged to get to know their work first-hand, collaborating in the interventions with one of my clients.

Fern and Audrey stand out as exceptional in what they do in three significant ways.

First, they are extremely professional in their approach to all that they do, from scheduling contacts to personal engagement. They understand ethics and boundaries and respect these completely. While maintaining this level of professionalism, they are still able to be warm and personal, establishing excellent rapport and providing absolute levels of safety in the healing process.

A second area of exceptional ministry is their commitment to personal and professional growth. Although their educational background does not include formal training in psychology, they have invested untold amounts of resources and time into developing their knowledge and experience, equaling or even exceeding what I do as a licensed professional. Their knowledge of the cutting edge research in the field is compelling and admirable. This investment in ongoing learning is a reflection of their commitment to excellence in what they do, which I hold in high esteem.

Finally, one of the most compelling aspects of what I have observed in my collaboration with them is their adherence to the centrality of Biblical truth and the person of Jesus, while simultaneously remaining open to ongoing revelation and understanding. They are willing to have pre-suppositions challenged, which allows them to be open and affirming of perspectives brought in by their clients, without losing their theological foundations. Thus, they provide security in the healing process and int he faith context.

I am happy to recommend Fern and Audrey without reservation. I am very cautious when recommending interventions to my clients, particularly those that are very vulnerable and fragile already due to their life experiences. When I do, it is only to those in whom I have a deep level of trust in all of the areas mentioned above. Fern and Audrey are some of the few professionals, because I do see them as such, who I can without hesitation recommend to anyone in need of their specialty. I trust this perspective is helpful. 



Carmen Ranalli Morrison, Ph.D
Licensed Psychologist
Lifegrowth Psychological Services
Boyertown, PA

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