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Mercy First, Understanding Always

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How we treat trauma

Our Approach

At Discovering MErcy, we know how to counsel an adult who as a child was steeped in trauma and did not know or learn how to identify a loss, much less grieve those losses. When this happens, many times the language of the heart creates a defensive system brought about from living in constant states of emergency as a child. This often looks like behavioral issues in adults rather than trauma.

This may mean the individual acted out sexually, had addictions, and suffered relationship ruptures due to anger or shame-based behaviors of self loathing or self hatred. Because trauma causes the brain to be rewired, often the manifestation of such symptoms may look like a conscience choice to "sin" when it is not. What it is, is the language of the survivor's heart asking for help--by pointing to the area of wounding. 

Many times a person will be in a state of begging for a balm of salve to heal… a salve of acceptance, attunement, words to begin processing, being heard in the pain and having understanding. They themselves may not even hear the cry of their own heart. This type of love heals the heart and allows a person to begin the journey out of fear (which was formerly known as their defensive posture) and into a brand new world of love.


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Depending on when trauma happens in a person's life, it affects their growth from that point on, whether they are conscious of the trauma or not.

What First Sessions via Video Entail

We are well versed in helping people navigate the most difficult situations that others often turn away from. We encourage survivors to join us for a complementary (free) introductory video session, which will include counselors "Fern and Audrey". They will listen to the survivor's needs, discuss how they can help and discuss what ministry will look like for each individual.

This is a time for a survivor to meet our organization and check us out, because we value the importance of trust in a therapeutic environment. We do not exist to "open up" a survivor's system or "break it down." Those systems were created for a purpose and did their job of helping a survivor to do just that, survive. We simply stand with survivors on their individual and unique journey to know themselves. Most survivors have tried many other methods of counseling before finding us. This does not surprise us and in fact we know it may inadvertently made the situation worse or caused fear and suspicion of themselves or us. Our first time together can be a validation of how "normal" a survivor feels and how their internal system works.

Find out information about how counseling works, and payment information in our Getting Started section.

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