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Curriculum Development

Taking Our Approach and Inviting the World to Help Carry Out Our Mission

Discovering MErcy is currently developing their first of three online interactive courses that will be moderated by Fern and Audrey during the course of 12 weeks. The first course, Discovering MErcy's Foundational Counseling Course, is 55% completed. Progress is achieved as scheduling and funds allow the team to work on developing the materials.


1st Level Course

Discovering MErcy's Foundational Counseling Course

Audience: This course is designed for a lay person, church advisor and or mental health professional 

Purpose: To teach knowledge and interpersonal skills to understand a person's own reaction to trauma. It includes 8 modules with each module having 4-6 short sub modules.

2nd Level Course

Human Reaction to Trauma (Brain, Mind, Body & Spiritual connection)

Purpose: This is a transition/bridge course addressing human reaction to trauma (Brain, Mind, Body & Spiritual connection) compared to severe INTENTIONAL trauma perpetrated on a human.


3rd Level Course  

Understanding Dissociation

Purpose: This course will help the student understand how the defense mechanism of dissociation is created, the strength of “beliefs” in keeping the heart safe, the role of emotions, and other important dynamics of dissociation. 


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With your generous gift of supporting curriculum development, our vision of implementing the first course could exist as early as Spring 2020.

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