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October 2022 Newsletter

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Our Monthly Donors are not a singular drop in the water but a splash in the lives of those affected by trauma. Monthly Donors enable us to fund our Discovering MErcy Home, expand our curriculum, and so much more.

Your donation can directly impact our Fearless Love Scholarship Fund; we can continue to help provide services to those in need but who can’t afford it. When you donate to Discovering MErcy, you are investing in the opportunity for people to learn the language of their hearts.


To educate, and provide awareness, understanding, healing, and HOPE.

When we look at Discovering Mercy‘s mission, “to educate, provide awareness, understanding, healing, and hope to adult survivors of severe childhood trauma and abuse and their community.”

You would wonder what this significance is, and why it is relevant for your church and community. Survivors of trauma-based mind control (TBMC - repetitive trauma and abuse a person endures that causes him/her to be submissive to another in their thoughts, will, and choices) seem to be a niche ministry. 

Living in a world with all of the distortions of normal that we’ve had in the last two and a half years, we see that there are a lot of ways our emotions and our reactions to things are exaggerated or over-the-top. Our reactions tend to harm the relationships that we are in. We wonder why it’s so challenging to be able to find peace, stay out of fear, and live in Kingdom - Let alone understand what Kingdom even looks like.

I’ve heard of many churches offering trauma-informed classes to make sense of the chaos and pain. That’s wonderful. We must be informed that these emotional reactions can be part of the trauma that we’ve lived through just in the last two and a half years, let alone our histories. But what we need is a trauma response.

That’s the relevance of Discovering MErcy.

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