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Self Care Starts with You

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Hourly Sessions

Addressing a traumatic event can be difficult and overwhelming, reducing ability to cope with stress. Added to this is the history and longevity of the traumatic responses that, in some cases, can be felt for months, or even years after the event. It is important to recognize how severe trauma is affecting your life, and to seek help as soon as you can.

We are here to help. Each hourly counseling appointment will take place either on video call, telephone, or in person at The Discovering MErcy home. During this time we will counsel and answer any questions in regards to your current and specific needs.

Hourly Counseling Sessions
For $140.00, you will receive a 50-minute session, which includes two counselors
The number of hours for each appointment is up to you, available in half hour increments.

To make an appointment, please email us. We will respond as soon as we are able. 

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